Megan Fox doesn’t look pregnant

By brendon April 24, 2012 @ 5:50 PM


Though E! says today that an exclusive source has confirmed that Megan Fox is pregnant, you certainly wouldn’t know it by looking at her 4 days ago in Los Feliz when she went to dinner with her husband Brian Austin Green. And if I’m willing to use “Oh whatever, so how come she doesn’t look pregnant” in paternity trials, I’ll certainly use it to call bullshit on this.

(image source = pacific coast)

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    Dr Poop 04/24/2012 18:06

    She’s not.

    I played canasta with her gyno last week and he said he had her up in the stirrups and she was clean as a whistle.

    Seriously, he said he blew on her clit and she sounded like an empty soda bottle

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    Mr. Nutt 04/24/2012 18:07

    I didn’t knock her up, so I couldn’t care less if she is prego or not.

    Gildorg, I got something for you buddy!

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    Mr. Nutt 04/24/2012 18:08

    Dr. Poop, can you do me a solid and pass this along to Mr. Poop? Thanks doc.

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    Mr. Nutt 04/24/2012 18:11

    Sometimes good things come in three’s.

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    Dr Poop 04/24/2012 18:12

    Interesting, Nutt.

    She needs a good curry-combing.

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    Mr. Nutt 04/24/2012 18:16

    Last one. Gotta go.

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    Mr. Poop 04/24/2012 18:16

    What happened to his shoes?

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    Observer 04/24/2012 18:22

    Megan looks like she could be in her 35th week………maybe 34…..

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 04/24/2012 18:29

    WHAT does this have to do with hot chics doing naked yoga? I really can’t get my mind off that video……


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    Mr. Poop 04/24/2012 18:31


    Have you ever sang “Misty?” up pregos hole?

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    Observer 04/24/2012 18:34

    Mr. Poop…….

    ….my singing voice is not great… do you keep your throat moisturized….??

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    Mr. Poop 04/24/2012 18:40


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    The Narrator 04/24/2012 18:45

    I would eat that vagina until I reached baby.

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    Gildorg 04/24/2012 18:52

    Oh, in response to Mr. Black… There is nothing noble about me whatsoever, well… my attempts to bang whores with low self-esteem. I believe my efforts in that regard are noble… I never admitted to being a tool, you a-hole. Now, I believe you are due back under your rock. Please, don’t let us keep you from crawling back there!

    I would not mind banging Megan Fox and seeing if she is pregnant or not. If she ends up pregnant after we screw… Well, I guess we would know the answer.

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    Observer 04/24/2012 18:53

    This site could use many more nude shots of Amanda Seyfried…….


    I mean….if we are concerned with “Celebs”……

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    Mr. Poop 04/24/2012 18:54

    I bet her tits feel like a bag of sand.

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    Observer 04/24/2012 18:56

    Gildorg… are an honorable vampire…….

    Mr. Black……what say thee…..?

    How is your “alternative world” to be run….??

    Like this…?

    …or maybe Argentinia…? Venezuela…..?

    The world awaits breathlessly….

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    dubbya 04/24/2012 18:59

    3 posts today! It’s like this site was reborn from the slightly warm ashes of the worlds most mediocre phoenix.

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