ok now The Rock is what a bodybuilder looks like

By brendon April 24, 2012 @ 7:23 PM


If you know anything at all about bodybuilding, then you know how laugh-out-loud stupid it was for Michael Bay to cast Mark Wahlberg as a bodybuilder alongside Dwayne Johnson in the movie ‘Pain and Gain’.

As you can see in these pictures taken on set today in Miami, he doesn’t even know how to cycle right so he doesn’t get bloated. He looks absolutely nothing like a real bodybuilder. He looks like an arena league linebacker that running backs would point at as they jog into the end zone.

(image source of johnson, wahlberg and anthony mackie = inf, bauer griffin)

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    Mr. Poop 04/24/2012 19:25

    Lou Ferrigno looks great.

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    mercury 04/25/2012 05:55

    He looks like a fucking monster!

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    harleydavidson 04/25/2012 07:34

    i want to challenge him to an MMA match.

    in about a year after ive taken more steroids than ivan drago

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