People magazine has to be joking

By brendon April 25, 2012 @ 12:14 PM


In what can only be explained as some kind of clerical error, People magazine has named Beyonce as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.



The most beautiful woman.

In the entire world.

Not that there’s anything wrong with her, but there’s nothing right with her either. She’s just sort of someone who’s there. This would be like making some insane proclamation about how great Tuesday is, or pencils. These are just things that exist, and that’s all they are unless you’re some kind of weirdo.

(image source = fame/flynet)


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  1. Dayday 04/25/2012 12:18


  2. Mr. Nutt 04/25/2012 12:34

    Keep in mind where this rag is sold and to whom it is sold to. We all know this is bullshit. I wonder what Beyonce paid for this outrage.

  3. harleydavidson 04/25/2012 12:36

    no more pics of mileys snatch?

  4. Observer 04/25/2012 12:39

    Clerical error……..that was pretty funny….

  5. Observer 04/25/2012 12:40

    To be fair…..I’d fuck Beyonce……

    …but then again……I LIKE fuckin’….

  6. Observer 04/25/2012 12:53

    If “Rokin” ever visits these pages again…….

    …..would someone ask him where P3eeper and Dave are…..


  7. Gildorg 04/25/2012 13:05

    I already stated my disagreement with this in the earlier post, where I posted links to Keeley Hazell and Lucy Pinder… Both who are incredibly hotter than Beyonce…

    I agree, Mr. Nutt, she paid for the title.

  8. iSlomoshun 04/25/2012 13:06

    Sara Jean Underwood(Before and After implants) > Beyonce.

  9. Gildorg 04/25/2012 13:13

    Once again, here is a little video evidence…

  10. Observer 04/25/2012 13:25

    Well said, Mr. Gildorg…….well said, indeed…..

    …even certain ordinary MILFs are adequate for my needs……….

  11. Observer 04/25/2012 13:29

    These are not the prettiest dames I’ve ever seen…….but they are adequate for my needs……

  12. sinaplenty 04/25/2012 13:33

    Well I always thought it’d be a bit of a shame to cum on her face, cos she is pretty good looking. And that’s as good a measure as any. But then you do make a very good point about Keeley Hazell and her massive tits…

  13. Pugiron 04/25/2012 13:36


  14. ReallyPathetic 04/25/2012 13:37

    First post ever. Long time WWTDD reader.

    This is a completly fucking joke. Jay-Z and Beyonce are completly out of control.

    First their stupid baby and renting the entire hospital out.
    Then trade marking their baby name. Excuse me, trade marking their stupid baby’s name.
    Beyonce’s ass kissing public website letter to Mrs. Obama being a role model for her baby who cant even read yet.
    Now this stupidity. She is a fat, self indulgent, pompus, ostentatious, sycophantic, COW. Ring the Alarm! Put a Ring on it!

    Who is fatter btw Beyonce or that fat scientologist from Cheers, Kristie Alley?

  15. Mechakisc 04/25/2012 13:39

    Banner pic gives me a “Queen Latfifah IS TOO SEXY, YOU WEIGHTISTS!” vibe.

    Not that she looks like Queen Latifah, but this picture looks like it came from one of her shoots.

  16. Observer 04/25/2012 13:47


    ….for a first time post…..your analysis is excellent……

  17. SomeoneluvsU 04/25/2012 13:54

    Don’t blame me…
    When people magazine called to ask me who the most beautiful woman was
    I voted for Justin Bieber.

  18. SexyRicardSimmons 04/25/2012 13:59

    I’d much rather hump Kate Upton so I call shenanigans on this fucking story. We should burn down People’s magazines office or get some 40oz and yell some shit at passing cars.

  19. Mr. Nutt 04/25/2012 14:06

    SexyRicardSimmons, I’ll buy the first round.

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