Brad and Angelina aren’t getting married anytime soon

By brendon May 22, 2012 @ 1:41 PM


While in Cannes to promote his mob hitman movie ‘Killing Them Softly‘, Brad Pitt was of course asked about his engagement to Angelina Jolie, because that’s ever so fascinating. Imagine, two people dating for 7 years and then getting engaged. It’s a once in a lifetime event we’re witnessing here.

The LA Times says…

We know Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married, we just don’t know when, and if Pitt is to be believed, neither do they.
Are they just trying to fool the paparazzi?  That would be smart. But Pitt insisted that he and Jolie had not set a date — “actually, really, truly” no date. 

This is apropos of nothing but I bet these pictures of Brad Pitt are what Vince Neil thinks he looks like.

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    Observer 05/22/2012 13:45

    I’m sure Brad’s thoughts are along the lines of….:

    1.) The milk is free….why buy the cow….?

    2.) She ain’t getting any younger…..

    3.) I really need a haircut…

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    Mac-Daddy 05/22/2012 13:47

    The expression on him in the banner pic is because he just saw the previous photos of Lea Michele

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/22/2012 13:49

    Kelly Clarkson weighs less than P epper now. That is all.

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    Observer 05/22/2012 14:27

    2 Fingers 1 Thumb…….


    I LOVE Kelly Clarkson…….

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    Observer 05/22/2012 14:28

    Does P e pper still own this dress….??

    …or did he sell it at the garage sale to make room for Zombie…??

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    Dr Poop 05/22/2012 14:33

    I can verify that there is no medical reason for this.

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    Observer 05/22/2012 14:34

    Dr. Poop……

    ….does this photo mean this young flower has sacrificed her delicate maidenhead …..

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    Rok 05/22/2012 14:37


    Are we still on for Memorial Day and if so, what time are you picking me up?

    My mom wants to know if she needs to wash my good bathing suit.

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    Observer 05/22/2012 14:38


    ….you won’t need a bathing suit……P e pper’s Choi pond has always been “naturist”…

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    Observer 05/22/2012 14:38


    ….tell your mom I’ll be picking you up after she drops my load into her towel…..

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    Dr Poop 05/22/2012 14:39

    I heard she lost it at summer camp while horseback riding.

    I wish i had a nickel for every 14 year old girl with a popped hymen I examined who had that explanation.

    Of course, it all bills to insurance just the same, so its no sweat off my sack.

  12. avatar
    Observer 05/22/2012 14:39

    spit towel, that is….

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    Observer 05/22/2012 14:40

    Dr. Poop…….

    ….lucky horses….

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    Rok 05/22/2012 14:40


    I’ll let her know.

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    SomeoneluvsU 05/22/2012 14:47

    I thought the Macho man died…

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    Chandra Dove 05/23/2012 07:22

    magine, two people dating for 7 years and then getting engaged. It’s a once in a lifetime event we’re witnessing here.

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