Christina Aguilera is 2 hours late to ‘the Voice’ almost every day

By brendon May 11, 2012 @ 3:01 PM


Christina Aguilera is a self-centered bitch with an impossible ego, so she truly doesn’t care if the entire cast and crew of ‘The Voice’ have to wait for her to arrive on set every day.

In fact she’s so apathetic that the producers started fining her for being late, which made absolutely no impact whatsoever.

“Christina is consistently about two hours late,” a source tells Radar. “For season three this has got to stop.”
“Whatever her fine is now doesn’t bother her.
“Higher-ups on the show want to raise it to a number that does bother her so she actually arrives on time.”

And once she arrives, she’s even more delightful. During rehearsals Monday night, fellow judge Adam Levine was so enchanted with her antics he called her “a fucking cunt” in front of nearly 70 people. Who probably responded by saying, “amen to that” and “truer words have never been spoken.”

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    harleydavidson 05/11/2012 15:08

    i might care a little bit more if she wasnt a fat ass.

    but i dont care about fat asses, hell theyre not even really human.

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    SexyRicardSimmons 05/11/2012 15:15

    I wonder if anyone would notice if they replaced her with a big beanbag with a blonde wig? Not me because I don’t watch this gay shit.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/11/2012 15:34

    dogs. peanut butter. fat self centered bitches.

    solid friday.

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    Mr. Poop 05/11/2012 15:50

    That’s the kind of chick you dream about giving a Dirty Sanchez with your foot.

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    mercury 05/11/2012 18:18

    Well, all that lunch isn’t gonna finish itself!

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    Observer 05/14/2012 14:20

    A fat fuck…..

    …nice and juicy…

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    HerreraShana 05/14/2012 19:13

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