Interview magazine interviews ‘Spring Breakers’

By brendon May 07, 2012 @ 5:07 PM


Interview magazine is all about “conversations between some of the most creative minds from the worlds of fashion, art and entertainment”, but apparently no one gives a shit about that snooty nonsense because the May issue has the movie ‘Spring Breakers’ and pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez handcuffed in bikinis. Personally I’m devastated because I was hoping this issue would tell me what Kathy Griffin thinks about Vera Wang. Now I fear I may never know!


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  1. Mr. Nutt 05/07/2012 15:13

    Chicks handcuffed and in bikinis. You have my full attention.

  2. TheBluntMatt 05/07/2012 15:18

    Who’s the one with the big tits 3rd from the left and why don’t we have more pictures of her?

  3. Mr. Nutt 05/07/2012 15:25

    Harley, did you bring any of those Canadian whores back with you?

  4. 2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/07/2012 15:25

    young girls. mistakes the can never change.

    right up my alley.

  5. dubbya 05/07/2012 15:25

    This is how most of the grown up movies I watch start.

  6. Mr. Nutt 05/07/2012 15:27

    Matt matt matty.

  7. Hammer 05/07/2012 15:33

    Oh yes. Hammer so approves.

  8. TheBluntMatt 05/07/2012 15:34

    So…which one is she?

  9. TheBluntMatt 05/07/2012 15:35

    Ironically, IMDB was the first place I looked. Googleing “spring break whores with big tits” turned up way too many links…

  10. 2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/07/2012 15:42

    She has a long, skinny nipple.

  11. The Mildly Tanned Knight 05/07/2012 15:45

    I’ve never once fucked a girl as hot as Hudgens or Gomez.

    I’m ashamed of my unfulfilled life….

  12. 2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/07/2012 15:53

    I am sorry to hear that. You deserve it. Just remember, ugly girls generally have cleaner vaginas.

  13. Mr. Nutt 05/07/2012 16:02

    And they try harder.

  14. harleydavidson 05/07/2012 16:12

    nutt, i had to leave those canadian whores in canada. the border cops didnt appreciate finding them in my trunk either. fortunately they were still alive and they just sent them back.

  15. Mr. Nutt 05/07/2012 16:16

    I thought you were allowed to take one…….OOPS!

  16. LoK 05/07/2012 16:54

    Matt, the one you’re refering to is the directors wife and her name is Rachael Korine

  17. TheBluntMatt 05/07/2012 18:04

    Good work LoK. I should have been a fucking director…

  18. redos 05/08/2012 02:38

    as if this couldn’t get any more weird, imdb says that this is written and directed by Harmony Korine.

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