Lindsay helped ‘Glee’ to its lowest ratings ever

By brendon May 17, 2012 @ 5:30 PM


Lindsay Lohan has decided that her comeback is going so great that she’s gone ahead and moved into a mansion in Beverly Hills, the one pictured above, with a rent of $25,000 a month. To put that into context, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just moved into a mansion with a rent of $24,000 a month.

But Lindsay is probably right. She’s so popular money won’t be a problem anymore. Why just this week she and Perez Hilton were guest stars on ‘Glee’, and a beloved team like that surely added up to a ratings bonanza. In fact I bet this article from The Wrap will do nothing but confirm my suspicions:

“(The first hour) was down 11 percent from last week, receiving a 2.4/8, and had 6 million total viewers. The second (hour), which featured Lohan guest-starring as herself, was down 7 percent from last week, posting a 2.5/7. It attracted 6 million total viewers.”

Oh hey look at that. Two people that no one can fucking stand drove viewers away. Who could have guessed. In fact, if the weekly numbers from here are correct, it was the lowest ratings for ‘Glee’ all season.

So it’s not really clear why anyone would hire Lindsay or how she thinks she’s gonna pay for this house. Her only talent is having sex with people. “Exactly,” Lindsay says. “As you can see on this chart, Phase 1 is to collect the underpants. And then Phase 3 is profit,” she added with a confident nod.

ratings for ‘Glee’, season 3

09/20/2011 = 8.91 million viewers
09/27/2011 = 8.60 million viewers
10/04/2011 = 8.42 million viewers
11/01/2011 = 7.47 million viewers
11/08/2011 = 6.90 million viewers
11/15/2011 = 7.08 million viewers
11/29/2011 = 7.84 million viewers
12/06/2011 = 7.11 million viewers
12/13/2011 = 7.46 million viewers
01/17/2012 = 7.46 million viewers
01/31/2011 = 9.02 million viewers
02/07/2012 = 7.81 million viewers
02/14/2012 = 6.87 million viewers
02/21/2012 = 7.40 million viewers
04/10/2012 = 6.69 million viewers
04/17/2012 = 6.18 million viewers
04/25/2012 = 6.85 million viewers
05/01/2012 = 6.01 million viewers
05/08/2012 = 6.67 million viewers
05/15/2012 part 1 = 6.0 million viewers
05/15/2012 part 2 = 6.0 million viewers


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  1. Gildorg 05/17/2012 19:25

    So who would you rather bang in the ass…

    Lindsay or Miley?

  2. Mr. Poop 05/17/2012 22:02


    That’s a tough one. I would have to go with Miley.

    She’d be tighter.

  3. Mr. Poop 05/17/2012 22:13

    . . . . Course, Lindsey would probably be more likely to let me put army men up her ass.

  4. Hammer 05/18/2012 01:15

    Hammer votes Miley. Hammer also wants to inform the group he will soon be returning to America from Bavaria. Hammer wants to thank the Krauts and also, his Uncle Sugar for an awesome three weeks.

  5. Gildorg 05/18/2012 05:45

    Damn it… I hate it when I don’t drink enough to stay asleep…


  6. Mr. Poop 05/18/2012 06:55


    Does your Uncle Sugar have a nice mustache?

  7. Mr. Nutt 05/18/2012 07:24

    I wouldn’t touch Lindsay with Mikey’s dick.

    Hammer, I hear the German dominatrix are the best.

  8. Mr. Nutt 05/18/2012 07:27

    Hammer, get yourself some.

  9. Mr. Nutt 05/18/2012 07:32

    As a matter of fact, grab a handful of Viagra and go until your cock is raw.

  10. Mr. Nutt 05/18/2012 07:43

    Happy Friday! (Tuesday for Gildorg)

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