Lindsay still thinks she’s a big movie star

May 22, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

If you thought that big name actors would be lining up to play Richard Burton in a lurid tabloid movie about Elizabeth Taylor on basic cable with a unstable lunatic as the star, you’re either an idiot or Lindsay Lohan or both. Because she’s the only one who could possibly think that.

And since the 3 finalists to play Burton are all relative unknowns (Matthew Settle, Sean Maguire, and Craig Robert Young), Lindsay of course is driving everyone insane.

“Lindsay declared that none of the actors were the right fit and that she wanted to go to London to look for a possible Burton actor there,” a production insider tells Radar.
“Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton … she wants a major A-list star to be her co-star.”

Yeah, because Lindsay is such an ideal fit. About the only thing Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor have in common is that your senses would be assaulted if you spread their legs right now and you’d get some awful disease if you fucked them.

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