Robert Downey Jr. will make $50 million for ‘Avengers’

By brendon May 16, 2012 @ 11:07 AM


When all is said and done, ‘The Avengers’ will probably settle in as the third highest grossing movie of all time (after just 19 days it’s already number 11 with almost $1.1 billion), above the $1.32 billion the final ‘Harry Potter’ made, but well below the $2.78 billion for ‘Avatar’ and the $2.18 billion for ‘Titanic’. So it would seem the deal made for Robert Downey Jr. that pays him box-office bonuses and a percentage of the gross will work out nicely. Hooray for foresight!

The Hollywood Reporter says:

When Iron Man grossed a surprising $585 million worldwide in 2008, Downey’s reps at CAA and the Hansen Jacobson law firm renegotiated a deal to include what multiple sources say is a slice of Marvel’s revenue from future movies in which he plays Iron Man (one source puts it in the 5 percent to 7 percent range; another source disputes the percentage.).

Which means Downey will make more than every other Avenger, even if you combined all their pay and then doubled it.

As Marvel launched other hero pics that would lead up to Avengers, the studio struck hard bargains. Two sources say Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo all signed on for small upfront fees and ultimately will make about $2 million to $3 million on Avengers with bonuses. Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson, who signed deals to pop up in several Marvel movies, are said to be making about twice that for Avengers with bonuses.

His agents should really be commended for such a shrewd move. And here I was thinking I was clever for selling drugs outside a methadone clinic.

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    Gildorg 05/16/2012 11:19

    Nice Links guys!

    Well, Rok… I appreciate your efforts towards safety!

    Crap… I hate Sundays… Only because Monday is the next damn day…


    Things to do and then come home and drink myself to slumber…

    Cheers, Gentlemen!

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    Observer 05/16/2012 11:43

    6 or 7 percent….of the GROSS…??

    …no fucking way…..

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    Observer 05/16/2012 12:06

    So…..who likes video games….??

  4. avatar
    Observer 05/16/2012 12:17

    If Rokin still lived……

  5. avatar
    gunner 05/16/2012 12:27

    would be % of profit not gross.

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    LoK 05/16/2012 13:22

    I’d say he’s earned it…but it wasnt him that drew people to the movie it was the marvel property

  7. avatar
    Observer 05/16/2012 13:22

    No movie EVER makes a profit……..

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    3rdpath 05/16/2012 16:18

    $50,000,000 = A LOT OF COKE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    vbhgsht 05/17/2012 22:41

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