Taylor Swift just gave away $4 million

By brendon May 17, 2012 @ 1:05 PM


Taylor Swift gets made fun of a lot, and it’s all 100 percent justified, but by almost all accounts she’s a perfectly nice person (assuming you didn’t used to date her). So it’s really not that shocking that she just donated $4 million dollars to fund music education. MTV says…

The six-time Grammy winner has donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville to fund what will now be known as the Taylor Swift Education Center, an exhibit and classroom space scheduled to open in 2014.
The planned education center will be more than 7,500 square feet spread over two stories (with) three classrooms and exhibit space. The expansion will allow the museum to dramatically increase its youth education programs.

This is especially nice when you consider that educating kids about music will make them realize how awful Taylor Swift songs are. Either that or she didn’t really think this through.

(image source of taylor shopping at victorias secret = fame/flynet)


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  1. 658811 05/17/2012 13:14

    OH, SNAP!

  2. 658811 05/17/2012 13:15


    That came out wrong… or is it?

  3. 2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/17/2012 13:16

    I would like to touch her where she pees and will do it for zero fees.

  4. 658811 05/17/2012 13:22

    If she’s giving them away…

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, bro.

  5. 658811 05/17/2012 13:23

    Unless the gift horse is herpes…

  6. Mr. Nutt 05/17/2012 13:56

    People are dying of cancer but at least we will have a music program and museum. Please exit through the gift shop.


  7. Observer 05/17/2012 13:58

    I’d look at nude photos of her if they existed…….


  8. Mr. Nutt 05/17/2012 14:02

    Thats her Obs. I would bet Gildorgs liquor cabinet on it.

  9. 2 fingers 1 Thumb 05/17/2012 14:27

    Nice pics, Nutter Butter. I would like to contribute.


  10. Mac-Daddy 05/17/2012 14:29

    This girl does absolutely nothing for me, but, I wish I had at least 1/10th of her talent!

  11. 658811 05/17/2012 14:33

    For you to say that, she must be good! How much?

  12. 658811 05/17/2012 15:36

    Maybe I was too harsh? :-(

    JUST… MAYbe..?

  13. 658811 05/17/2012 15:47

    Maybe I haven’t introduced myself…. Hmmm? OH!

    I’m inmate 658811, GNNNnnnH!
    C-call me t-JERRY

    I’llll keep it civil, I prOMISE.!

  14. Justine Blackman 05/18/2012 02:29

    Taylor Swift gets made fun of a lot, and it’s all 100 percent justified, but by almost all accounts she’s a perfectly nice person


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