I appreciate the effort, Jennifer Lawrence

By brendon June 14, 2012 @ 6:12 PM


Jennifer Lawrence walked around West Hollywood today in a skirt that showed off her legs, even though I doubt anyone was asking to see them. I can’t believe this girl is still being lauded as some star of the future. There’s nothing particularly wrong with her, but that’s the highest praise I can offer. The only reason I’d keep her around Hollywood would be if she shared a rare blood type with Megan Fox or Charlize Theron or someone good like that and the plan was to harvest her organs.

(image source = wenn)

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    Rok 06/14/2012 18:25

    I’d like to keep her chained up in a box under my bed

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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 18:44

    I would chain her to the top of my bed with her ankles over head. Then, every time I passed by, I would try to toss pennies into her pussy.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 18:49

    Lets try this again. Someone please let me know if these links work or not.


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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 19:05

    Have at it guys.


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    Rok 06/14/2012 19:06

    Holy Fuck!

    Yes, they work

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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 19:08

    All of them?

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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 19:09

    Its gotta be the Mac. Anyway, the GF is on her way over. I have to shave my balls. See you guys later.

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    Rok 06/14/2012 19:10

    All but the last one

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    Rok 06/14/2012 19:13

    Can you come over and do mine.

    I’m really at a loss now that P epper is banned,

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    Mr. Poop 06/14/2012 19:40

    Is it just me, or does that look a lot like the picture of Bigfoot?


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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 21:03

    The last one was her website with a crap load of pictures. Why a link to a web site didn’t work is beyond me.

    You want me to shave your coin purse? I guess it’s OK. We’ve known each other for over a year now.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/14/2012 21:04

    My balls are kind of tender after bouncing off her ass. Maybe the hair is there for a reason?

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    zencat002 06/14/2012 22:26

    This cooze looks great from the neck down. (Not an endorsement of decapitation)

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    Gildorg 06/14/2012 22:42

    Wow, I cannot seem to post a comment… Everything I type seems to be banned…

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    Gildorg 06/14/2012 22:48

    Okay, so that one worked… What the hell…

    In any case, Mr. Nutt… I don’t worry too much about the plague around here. My cat is just too damn mean for it. She isn’t pleasant to be around most of the time and I use that expensive shit from the pet stores for the fleas… If she gets it and I get bit and become the start of the zzombie apocalypse… Well, I know a couple of chicks I am eating first.

    Now, time for some more drinking!


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