is this the beginning of the end of Justin Bieber?

By brendon June 28, 2012 @ 2:36 PM


Yes, hopefully. And the first proof may have come last week after Biebers two part concert special on NBC, when his ratings were 47 percent lower than the Adele concert NBC aired just 3 weeks earlier. And it’s not as if his fans were out on dates or at Popular Girl Practice or something.

The first night, Wednesday, drew just 3.3 million viewers. It was NBC’s lowest rated show of the night and fourth in it’s time slot behind ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ on Fox (6.5 million viewers), ‘The Middle’ on ABC (4.19M), and–I swear I’m not making this show up–‘Dogs In The City’ on CBS (4.9M).

The next night was even worse. He was in 4th place again, this time with even lower ratings. But at least his new record is a big hit, right Showbiz 411?

(It’s sold) at least 50,000 copies fewer than originally predicted.
Right now, “Believe” is looking like it sold 370,000 copies–or less. This is way off the 420,00 copies hoped for.
Bieber’s TV special was a bust. And then his numbers on significantly trailed off over the weekend. Amazon is now selling a downloadable version of the album for $4.99– a bad sign.
The fact is, Bieber is not moving CDs digitally or physically in big numbers a week after “Believe” was made available. The amount of publicity he’s engendered simply is not resulting in sales, or even airplay.

On the day it was released, Billboard wrote that ‘Believe’ could sell between 400,000 and 500,000 copies in it’s first 6 days (from June 19 to June 24). He still hasn’t even hit the low number. So I guess it’s not a big hit.

Which is awesome because Bieber is just the new Jonas Brother or Backstreet Boy or Aaron Carter, and he has no idea. He’s too busy buying the shiniest cars possible. He’s an dim wigger jackass who actually thinks he’ll have a career like Usher. And he might, assuming he means an actual usher after he pisses away all his money on shit like diamond earrings for his ocelot.

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    Observer 06/28/2012 14:44


    Justin Bieber news…..

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    MrGrayDay 06/28/2012 14:50

    Just when he was trying to “reinvent” his image.

    Guess that’s karma for trying to change your image to a wigger street punk.

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    harleydavidson 06/28/2012 15:22

    celebrity boxing here he comes!

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    dubbya 06/28/2012 15:42

    Someone should have been using his music as a WMD a long time ago. Have him record some tracks, send them over to Russia (or whoever the fuck we’re pissed off at right now) and let them deal with it.

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    Admiral 06/28/2012 16:00

    Yeah, him and Miley Cyrus both.

    They’ll be a mess by 30 if they don’t grow up. Look what happened to Brittany (and countless other child stars). They need to build character and re-invent themselves by doing more than just singing and dancing.

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    sirlongfarts 06/28/2012 16:03

    I think all child stars are doomed for pathetic adult hoods.

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    aquanetta jones 06/28/2012 16:19

    It is plainly obvious you guys do not suffer from Bieber Fever…..I pity you

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