Lindsay Lohan lied to police, violated her probation

By brendon June 11, 2012 @ 7:58 PM


To recap; the first thing Lindsay Lohan reportedly did after crashing her car on Friday was tell people she didn’t do it. She said she wasn’t driving, her assistant was, and it was all his fault, and also the truck drivers fault, and the cars fault.

Now it seems one of the people she told that too was the police officer who questioned her after the accident, and she’s still on probation, so hahahaha fuck you Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan lied to cops Friday by telling them she was NOT driving the Porsche that slammed into a truck on PCH, and as a result could be prosecuted and her probation revoked.
When Lindsay was in the hospital (she) told police she was a passenger and her assistant was driving but the lie didn’t stick because he told police Lindsay was behind the wheel.
It’s a crime to provide false info to a police officer. 
In addition, lying to police could trigger a probation violation in her shoplifting case, which means she faces the possibility of jail on 2 fronts.
Several eyewitnesses tell TMZ, after the crash Lindsay and her assistant both got out of the car on the passenger side, which means Lindsay had to climb over the console. It appears Lindsay had concocted the lie almost immediately after impact.

Hm. Stunning. Keep in mind that her movie has been sending an Escalade every day to drive her to the set.

So according to Lindsay, instead of being a passenger in the spacious Escalade with a professional driver, she was a passenger in the brand new RENTED Porsche, driven by her assistant, who probably isn’t even listed to drive it. I guess she just wanted to live vicariously through him as he got the thrill of driving the fancy sports car. That’s her story. That’s what she told police. And to be honest the only real surprise is that there’s no part where she climbed out of the car and put her finger under her nose like a mustache and pretended to be Mexican.

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    mikey the retard 06/11/2012 20:26

    i wuld lik to tuch her poopstik

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    Rok 06/11/2012 20:28

    Be sure to wash your hands afterwards.

    You don’t know where her poopstik has been

  3. avatar
    Observer 06/11/2012 20:28


    …..I wish you well in that endeavor…..

  4. avatar
    Rok 06/11/2012 20:34

    Observer, you magnificent bastard!!

    Whats for dinner tonight?

    I bet Mrs. O has been planning something great all day.

    I think she knows how hard you work trying to keep the seal harassment at work just under the cover, and don’t think it goes unnoticed at home.

    Crabcakes, Stroganoff, maybe her famous meatloaf!!?

    My mouth is watering!

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    Observer 06/11/2012 20:35

    As dumb cunts go……..I no longer find her as interesting as I did before I saw her tits……

    ….I’m not sure why……

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    Observer 06/11/2012 20:36


    … might want to start here……and work your way up to the “big” time…..

  7. avatar
    Rok 06/11/2012 20:36


    Fucking auto-correct.

    It does make for a funnier read.

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    Observer 06/11/2012 20:36

    sorry, Mikey……..don’t let your mouth foam stain your shirt……

  9. avatar
    Observer 06/11/2012 20:37


    …..I would fuck Seal’s ex-wife……..if it ever came to that…..

  10. avatar
    Observer 06/11/2012 20:40


    …..have you hacked into taking control of my web-cam…..???

    ……the three items listed have been on, or will be on the menu here for the month of June, so far……

    …in fact……I’m thinking meatloaf in the “near” future…..

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    mikey the retard 06/11/2012 20:40

    mr nob server i dotn hav an elevater

  12. avatar
    Observer 06/11/2012 20:42


    …..try a step-ladder…..

  13. avatar
    Rok 06/11/2012 20:45


    Based upon your comment, I would need your web-cam to see into the future.

    However, I have noticed you spending more time on Chat-Roullette lately.

    I’ve met some great fells there.

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    Observer 06/11/2012 20:46


    ….if you ever need advice on loving……and Mr. Bear is too busy…….try this site…..

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    Observer 06/11/2012 20:49


    …..1.) I was discussing the “meatloaf” option over the weekend……..

    2.) Chat Roulette sounds “fun”…….I’ll try it on the next coffee break……what’s P3 eeper’s spin number….???

    3.) Should I see Prometheus……..or wait for the graphic novella…?

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    Rok 06/11/2012 20:50

    That’s nice work.

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    Szader 06/11/2012 21:18

    When will this bitch just DIE already so we can stop fucking reading about her? She’s a waste of life.

  19. avatar
    Honkey Dong 06/11/2012 21:42

    I’m betting the judge gives her another chance. At least until the next last chance.

  20. avatar
    Smacko 06/11/2012 21:57

    Forget about her.

    Look at my tits!

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