the guy who was eaten by a zombie is awake!

By brendon June 12, 2012 @ 4:50 PM


The homeless man who had his face chewed off in the Miami Zombie attack last month got up and walked around for the first time today, and I’m gonna level with you; the headline picture has been altered. I used a computer and changed it. He doesn’t really look like that (he looks like this, and it’s graphic and awful and disturbing).

But he is recovering, and doctors described him as “awake and alert”, though if any of them noticed that he looks like Rorschach from ‘Watchmen’ now they didn’t mention it.

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    Honkey Dong 06/12/2012 16:56

    I’ve seen worse. Rosie O’Donnell comes to mind.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 06/12/2012 17:50


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    Observer 06/12/2012 17:56

    The assailant is dead and therefore there is no need for an eyewitness….???…..I believe…?

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    Mr. Nutt 06/12/2012 18:18

    I am speechless. Therefore, I shall express myself in pictures.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/12/2012 18:28

    The asshole went for his face? There is no meat there. Did he give the guy his EBT card first?

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    Dr Poop 06/12/2012 18:53

    I can fix that.

    Also, New Up, dick-tuggers

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    harleydavidson 06/13/2012 13:13

    nutt… im still trying to figure out what i think of that.

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