its Scarlett Johansson in a bikini with some dork

July 10, 2012 | bikini | editor | 0 Comments

Two important points to take away from these pictures, taken today, of Scarlett Johansson in a bikini on a yacht off the coast of Taormina, Italy:

1. She’s not a very good layer-downer. In fact she kinda spazzes out and rolls over with her legs in the air like a dog.

2. That guy she’s with looks at least twice her age, despite what his HGH dealer tells him. It’s not clear who he is, but they do seem to be together. He’s even caressing her back here, which is a very big deal according to 100 percent of the girls who didn’t want me caressing their back.

(image source = inf, fame/flynet)

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