Mila Kunis really is dating Ashton Kutcher

By brendon July 02, 2012 @ 2:41 PM


Mila Kunis dated Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ for almost a decade, for no outwardly apparent reason, so either that was an anomaly or she has shockingly low standards.

According to these picture captions, the answer is shockingly low standards.

New couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis out for lunch with a friend at the Soho House in West Hollywood, California on June 30.

Hopefully they at least broke the news to Fez in person so he didn’t have to find out like this.

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    Mr. Pickles 07/02/2012 14:48


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    harleydavidson 07/02/2012 14:51

    shit like this is what drives me to drink.

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    harleydavidson 07/02/2012 14:52

    fuck you asshole butcher.

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    Observer 07/02/2012 14:54

    ….hmmm….so what we’re seeing here is the likelyhood that she blew him over the weekend and swallowed…..

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    Observer 07/02/2012 14:55

    At least she’s happy…..

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    SomeoneluvsU 07/02/2012 15:01

    That was just a friendly picnic. She’s really not in his age preference.
    Asston has his sights set on Betty White.

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    SomeoneluvsU 07/02/2012 15:05

    “In the August issue of Glamour, Mila Kunis talks about wanting a baby…”

    I guess dating Ashton would be just like having a baby….
    or a mildly retarded toddler.

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    Rok 07/02/2012 15:10

    He reminds me alot of P epper, if he had less hair and nipples the size of saucers

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    Mac-Daddy 07/02/2012 15:20

    If he fucks her, she’s off my Wish List!

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    Rok 07/02/2012 15:22

    I’m with Mac on this one.

    How am I supposed to feel good about eating her out if I have to worry about shit for brain’s stunted spunk sticking to the sides of her carrot-hole?

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    Mr. Pickles 07/02/2012 15:50

    OF course he is going to fuck her. He was on that stupid show with her for years. If I was around her that much, hell I would have fucked her by now.

    He sucks. I hate him.


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    SomeoneluvsU 07/02/2012 15:57

    I’m with pickles,
    You know being on that show for that long they all ended up fucking each other…

    Although it is hard to imagine that douche Topher dipped his wick in her.
    (But I’m sure Kurtwood did).

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