you should follow Heidi Klum on twitter

By brendon July 05, 2012 @ 3:02 PM


As implied by the headline, Heidi Klum tweeted this picture while at the beach yesterday, with the caption “Gorgeous day!”

“Well I wouldn’t know Heidi, because your boobs and vagina take up the entire picture,” said a guy who missed the point.

(image source of heidi on june 23rd filming a commercial in new york for a german hairspray named taft = inf, fame/flynet, splash)


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  1. Mr. Pickles 07/05/2012 15:17

    SEAL has a huge hog. I have told this story before.


  2. harleydavidson 07/05/2012 15:58

    i used to have a thing for this chick.

    then she fucked seal.

  3. Mac-Daddy 07/05/2012 15:58

    I do not want Seal’s cast offs

  4. God Hath Spoken 07/05/2012 16:35

    Once it’s burned coal it will never burn wood again.

  5. aquanetta jones 07/05/2012 17:33

    I’d still hit this crazy old mandingophile…she just better not expect everyone to have a dong like Seal’s…I mean mine is closer to a roll of Certs, than a baby’s leg

  6. Jackazz 07/05/2012 22:21

    I heard horse was hung like a seal…wait, did I say that right?

  7. harleydavidson 07/06/2012 07:33

    now i want to go club baby seals

  8. richie 07/06/2012 10:20

    Heidi’s awesome.

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