50 Cent on Kanye and Kim Kardashian: “One mans trash…”

By brendon August 13, 2012 @ 2:20 PM


Taken out of context, it may have sounded like an insult when XXL asked 50 Cent about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and 50 referred to Kim as “trash”, but when you read it in context…

XXL: “Kanye took to his Twitter to announce that he wrote the song “Perfect Bitch” about Kim Kardashian. What do you think?”
50 CENT: “I mean…if that man feel like she perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye. You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Oh ok never mind. It sounds just as bad in context. Then again what was 50 supposed to say? He’s right, Kim is trash. If she and Kanye get married this is what their wedding invitation should look like.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 08/13/2012 14:37


    I love bleck peoples

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    harleydavidson 08/13/2012 14:50

    two bit piece of shit cunt whore cunt bitch. go eat some fucking rat poison, fat ass fucking cunt.

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    Shiss 08/13/2012 15:27

    Harley, my ears are burning. Are you talking about me?

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    vandywisky 08/13/2012 18:03

    Love the comment by 50. And Harley is right: if your own mother is selling a sex video of you getting throat-slammed by the cock of some F-list rapper, you are a worthless whore. Says a lot about the female youth of America: they idolize dumb cum dumpsters over hard-working, intelligent people. It sucks. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I’d rather her get caught shoplifting than watch those dumb, pathetic whores on that awful TV show.

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    aquanetta jones 08/13/2012 18:57

    Great statement van, unfortunately it permeates much further in this idiotic society we find ourselves in today.

    Goddamned athletes, actors, and pieces of shit in Hollywood in general have so much influence on the gummy brains of so many in our once great nation.

    Fucking Barbara Streisand & Cher’s opinion on politics is considered important enough by the media, that they actually report it.

    Everyone wants to be rich like a Kardashian, but no one is willing to work for it. The only person who has captivated the media and totally whored themselves out like a true Kardashian lately is Obama

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    Ass Mint 08/13/2012 19:01

    That’s a heavy duty turd cutter.

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    maddiejake 08/14/2012 16:06

    That has to be the UGLIEST ass I have ever seen. It literally looks like the back of a pachyderm. And that’s with yoga pants holding it all together! Can you just imagine the directions that fat goes when the pants come off?!

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