Mary Kate Olsen is moving in with Olivier Sarkozy

By brendon August 17, 2012 @ 2:58 PM


Olivier Sarkozy, who is 42 and the brother of ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy, just paid $6.25 million for a townhouse on East 10th Street in New York so he and his girlfriend Mary-Kate Olsen, who is 26, can move in together.

Now she can go for more walks with his daughter, like in these pictures, though it’s hard to tell which one is which. In this case the dirty smoking one is NOT the French girl. For the record, in a perfect world, if your much much younger girlfriend is built exactly like your 11-year-old daughter, fuck you, you’re under arrest.

(image source = inf)

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    dubbya 08/17/2012 15:21

    Woah. When I saw the cover picture I just assumed it was an old picture. When what’s-her-face Olsen was still under age. Now she just looks under age. It’s the perfect situation for a pervert. I bet her junk smells funny though.

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    harleydavidson 08/17/2012 15:41

    that pic of holly whats her tits is making me feel funny

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    Crumb Crisp Coating 08/17/2012 15:51

    Now that looks like a fun 3-way

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    hububauba 08/17/2012 20:13

    the exact same thing happened to me dubbya! I thought maybe this was an old picture and that the daughter was Mary Kate’s childhood friend. What a nasty couple!

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    Mando 08/18/2012 12:03

    That guy must have a small penis or Mary Kate can handle a big one.

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    yakatuus 08/20/2012 13:06

    So now we’re arresting Selena Gomez?

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