Chris Browns friends terrorized people at Subway today

By brendon September 21, 2012 @ 2:00 PM


Everyone was very impressed with Chris Browns fighting skills when he managed to get the jump on a young girl and smash her face into a window, but his friends are super hardcore and brave too. In fact, if there’s four of them, and they have a stun gun, there’s almost no elderly person they won’t scream at or chase around a parking lot.

The man in the blue shirt (pictured) was eating at Subway when Chris’ posse started harassing an elderly lady who was working at the restaurant because they didn’t want to pay for extra meat.
When another elderly man tried to stand up for her, they turned on him before the mystery man stood up to them.
They got the man outside and were taunting him with racial slurs before Chris pulls up in his Lamborghini. Chris’ bodyguard pulls out a stun gun and chases the man around the parking lot before the cops showed up and broke up the scene.

Yes but did Chris Brown and his friends have any skittles? Did they have a nice smile when they were 12? What kind of grades did they get? As I understand it, these are the things we should focus on with this kind of thing.

(story and image source = fame/flynet)

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    LoK 09/21/2012 14:13

    Insert stereotypical nigroid racist comments below

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    vandywisky 09/21/2012 14:38

    Will someone do the world a huge solid and shoot Chris Brown in the head about 45 times? Thanks. Also, the dude with the stun gun and Brown should’ve been arrested for aggravated assault. If the guy with the stun gun is being paid by Brown, then he is acting as an agent of Brown and criminal culpability transfers over to Brown if Brown didn’t command him to stop chasing and threatening the good samaritan.

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    Tipped 09/21/2012 15:52

    Is it really that hard for them to no act like a cunt?

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    eyerishgold 09/21/2012 15:56

    The number 247472 on his car spells out Chris B on a telephone keypad. What a douchebag! Oh yeah, that and the woman beating thing… Either way – Douche!

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    Mike Hunt 09/21/2012 16:54

    Best way #54 to convince people you’re not a douchebag: a super cool paint job on Lamborghini to make it look like a jet fighter

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    LoK 09/21/2012 18:00

    You think he knows he’s a cunt?

  7. avatar
    DasbootRRTX 09/22/2012 08:43

    that has got to be the ugliest paint job on a Lambo ever. He should be beaten because of that alone.

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    scallywag 09/22/2012 12:22

    Yes Chris Brown you are a very brave man and hopefully you taught the old woman a lesson: ‘Nobody ever fucks with a badass like you, even old women…’

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