FOX News accidentally aired a live suicide today

By brendon September 28, 2012 @ 6:04 PM

Just before 3:00pm ET today, Fox News began covering what seemed to be a routine car chase in Arizona. Police were in pursuit of a carjacker who, after hitting speeds of 110mph on the highway, pulled onto a winding dirt road, got out of the car, ran for a hundred yards or so, then shot himself in the temple.

And despite being on a 5-second delay, and Shepard Smiths obvious trepidation, the suicide was broadcast. Smith immediately issued an apology, and I appreciate the sentiment but it wasn’t necessary. It was a carjacker with his pants belted around his thighs and a Raiders jersey. I would have shot him just for the pants.

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    Mike Hunt 09/28/2012 20:32

    But they’ve been doing such an awesome job covering Mitt Romney’s ongoing suicide for months now

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    RD 09/28/2012 21:14

    It looks as though Shepard Smith took one for the team. He is probably livid inside but took a bullet for the director. Good job by Smith, horrible job by the director who should be fired. It doesn’t bother me that the guy killed himself but to add a delay to keep from showing something that they shouldn’t show and still mess it up? Someone has/had their head up their ass.

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    StressJudo 09/28/2012 21:35

    When I was a kid, we saw – live – the attack on the SLA and the attack on the MOVE people. Those were live.

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    NautiusMaximus08 09/28/2012 23:21

    “I would have shot him just for the pants.”

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 09/28/2012 23:49

    Sadly, more of these car chases don’t end up with a dead criminal (thanks Libtards). These guys drive through residential neighborhoods at high speeds, and the cops know if someone gets killed, they’ll get sued.

    Kudos to this douchebag for having the common sense to end what was obviously a complete waste of the opportunity to abort years earlier.

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    teutonic 09/29/2012 00:13

    What’s in the box!?
    Se7en was a great movie.

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    Rome 09/29/2012 06:39

    Hey man, nice shot.

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    Fang Wu 09/29/2012 11:50

    Where’s the Mandatory Suicide remix?

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    jackandalex34 09/29/2012 13:13

    It won’t happen again on your watch.Maybe you will be looking for a job before the next goof up happens.

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    Burbank 09/29/2012 15:02

    Not exactly a Bud Dwyer moment.
    Just some white trash who did us all a favor.
    Don’t fret it, Shep!

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    entropissed 10/01/2012 14:11

    So is Carrot Top trying to look like Shepard Smith or the other way around?

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