Jessica Simpson is back in daisy dukes

By brendon September 21, 2012 @ 6:43 PM


Jessica Simpson stretched out a pair of her old daisy dukes today to go to lunch at Shutters in Santa Monica, and I’m not sure how this is possible, but she looked pretty good. She still looked enormous just 10 days ago at LAX, but now she looks ok. Hopefully her friend won’t let her forget she’s on a diet. Or where she lives, since parts of Santa Monica can get a little dicey at night.

(image source = wenn, splash)

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    The Puppet 09/21/2012 19:04

    Ha, it’s trick photos. Her friend is much bigger the Jessica and she is closer to the camera. That makes piglet Jessica look smaller.

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    Pugiron 09/21/2012 19:06

    Okay? You sure like chunky girls, Freddie Mercury.

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    drunkhardon 09/21/2012 19:40

    Nope, try again – Fat chicks wear shorts all the time. Go puke some more.

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    Hugh G Rection 09/21/2012 20:25

    C’mon piggy, give me a ride….whhheeeeeeee!,,,,

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    The Puppet 09/21/2012 21:08

    nothing this cow does from now on will ever make her thin.
    She is the next Kirsty Ally

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    The Puppet 09/22/2012 08:13

    Things to buy this morning


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    aquanetta jones 09/24/2012 17:30

    I masturbated to these pictures of her, not out of lust, but out of spite.

    Not easy.

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