Kate Middletons cousin seems nice

By brendon September 06, 2012 @ 10:54 AM


Katrina Darling, the second cousin of Prince Williams wife Kate Middleton, was in New York last night, eating fire and stripping out of a State of Liberty costume. It’s not very becoming of someone so close to royalty. She should behave like a lady, like the dolls I set up around the table for afternoon my tea parties.

(image source = pacific coast)


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  1. Hugh G. Rection 09/06/2012 11:43

    Nice wax job she’s sporting there.

  2. Stoned Raider 09/06/2012 12:07

    If only all royalty was that awesome.

  3. Terrence Maddox 09/06/2012 12:18

    I don’t know much about this chick, but I’m pretty sure I’d like to party with her.

  4. KCHONEYBADGER 09/06/2012 12:49

    That deer tattoo though, gets me all wet. Super classy.

  5. Shiss 09/06/2012 14:34

    KC is that from the 50 Shades of Grey comic book?

  6. MacDaddy 09/06/2012 16:38

    Not bad, but she ain’t Pippa! :-(

  7. sandysweet 09/10/2012 21:19

    she’s awesome. hope we hear more from her.

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