Rihanna hugged and kissed Chris Brown at the VMAs

By brendon September 07, 2012 @ 12:06 PM

Rihanna really is a moron who deserves every mean thing a boyfriend will ever do to her, because when she went on stage at the MTV VMA’s last night, Chris Brown hopped right up and they gave each other a little hug and kiss.

Keep in mind that the last time they were this close at an awards show, he was getting texts from another girl and then beat Rihanna when she found out. Most girls would still be mad just about the texts. And if they were beaten like Rihanna was, the only way they’d speak to you is to tell you what field they threw your penis in after cutting it off in your sleep.

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    Zorbitor 09/07/2012 12:41

    Well, if that don’t beat all!

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    Tipped 09/07/2012 13:03

    What an idiot. She really does deserve anything he does to her at this point.

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    MacDaddy 09/07/2012 13:32

    I think the most shocking item of this post is that they still have VMA’s

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    LoK 09/07/2012 13:53

    She needs another good beating

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    Mando 09/07/2012 16:17

    She loves the camera and the fools that take her photograhs.

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    aquanetta jones 09/07/2012 17:02

    I’d hit that

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