this (or Kim Kardashian) is the girl in Kanyes sex tape

By brendon September 24, 2012 @ 3:56 PM


There are so many conflicting reports about the Kanye West sex tape that it’s hard to even keep up, especially since I don’t want to keep up because I’d rather picture my grandparents having sex than Kanye and various fat girls. But, for example…

STORY: Kanye and Kim Kardashian hired 25-year-old model Mony Monn to say she’s the girl in the tape because it’s actually Kim, and if that gets out Kim will lose millions in her still-pending divorce from Kris Humphries. (examiner)

THE EXACT OPPOSITE: Mony say’s it’s not her: “I have no idea what you guys are talking about, THERE IS NO such thing as sex tape of me.” (twitter)

STORY: There’s actually two Kanye sex tapes for sale. “We’re told the tapes were both shot several years ago with exes.” (tmz)

THE EXACT OPPOSITE: There’s one tape, “shot sometime shortly before Kanye started dating Kim (in April of this year).” (radar)

So the only thing we can say for certain is that Kris Jenner is cackling like a witch because of all this free publicity for Kim. Seriously, that bitch is evil. She should just move into a castle shaped like a skull and get it over with.

(image source of mony, who really does look a lot like kim = instagram)

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    LoK 09/24/2012 16:27


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    MacDaddy 09/24/2012 17:04

    Of course it’s Kim. She’s a camera whore.

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    dubbya 09/24/2012 17:05

    Anybody got nudies of this bitch?

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    DennisFinch 09/24/2012 17:22

    Everyone does dubbya, I would post some but I got terminated last time I tried to ‘help the community’. Kim sure has a thing for massive salami, I could probably fit my whole body inside her bat-cave now.

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    aquanetta jones 09/24/2012 18:23

    Who would want to see Kanye having sex? Who would pay?

    That is mudsharking and it is nasty. I know it is not black babies fault, but look at Africa and it’s problems, just saying.

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    Pugiron 09/24/2012 18:45

    Fat and ugly, looks just like Kim

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