its the ‘Good Day To Die Hard’ trailer

By brendon October 05, 2012 @ 7:14 PM

‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ doesn’t have a very good director, or writer, or premise (John McClane goes to Russia to save his son), so it will probably be terrible, but the trailer is ok, and Bruce Willis is always good, and it at least it has Julia Snigir unzipping her jacket on a motorcycle. It will be interesting to see what her name looks like on the movie poster. Spacing is very important with this one. The last thing you want is for JULIA SNIGIR to look like JULIAS NIGIR.

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    LoK 10/05/2012 19:38

    Better late than never

    Good line for the only one in the trailer

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    mercury 10/07/2012 00:41

    40 years after the first one was made? Not a big fan of math, are you?

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    mercury 10/07/2012 03:31

    Your rebuttal is to ask me or a blowjob?
    You sure showed me!

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