Justin Biebers stolen laptop was just a prank

By brendon October 12, 2012 @ 5:03 PM


Hold on to your funny bones everyone, because it turns out that all of Justin Biebers tweets this week about his laptop being stolen during a concert in Tacoma, and how that was so #lame and there might be naked pictures and sex tapes and all that, well it was just another of his amazing practical jokes. It was just to hype his new video with Nicki Minaj.

Do you get it? He had the thing he said he didn’t have. That’s what makes the joke so funny. I should have gone and checked the security footage myself but I didn’t so his prank worked like a charm. It would be like if you asked how much his CD cost, and he’d be like, “a million dollars.” Can you imagine? Because it actually costs far less than that. He was just joking around. Selena Gomez must just laugh and laugh.

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    LoK 10/12/2012 17:17

    Die a horrible fiery death you broken condom

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    SomeoneluvsU 10/12/2012 17:46

    You fell victim of another of his classic pranks…


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    aGirl 10/12/2012 17:50

    She’s so pretty!

    Seriously, does it not bother him that he has the same hair do as Miley Cyrus???


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    handler 10/12/2012 18:28

    Holy shit, this better not be the last post of the day. I don’t want to stare at this queer’s face all weekend.

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    Conal 10/12/2012 19:10

    Look at that vacant stare. I bet that chick sucks a mean dick.

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    TheMoose 10/12/2012 19:14

    He sure did fool me! Silly Biebs!

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    Szader 10/12/2012 21:58

    Home run, Bieber! Double Guns! You crack me up, you crazy kid.

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    658811 10/12/2012 22:19

    You’re seriously going to leave us with Bieber all weekend?

    Fuck you Tyler, eat a fat dick, man.

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    newyorkmatt 10/15/2012 16:38

    You guys are so gay for Bieber

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