Lindsay tweeted the debate last night, was hopefully drunk

By brendon October 23, 2012 @ 1:00 PM


Lindsay Lohan spent last night at Catch, a sushi restaurant in the West Village owned by ‘Top Chef’ season-three winner Hung Huynh, and by shocking coincidence it also has a popular bar, where Lindsay stayed until 3:15am.

That might explain why she made even less sense than usual on twitter during the Presidential debate. Of course if she wasn’t drunk, she needs to get a CAT scan immediately because she has some kind of head trauma.

“OMG it is HAPPENING!!!!!!!! The Final Debate!!!!! I’m so nervous!”

“If I win I get a million dollars!”

“1920s, 1950s…. ITS ALL THE SAME, History repeats itself…. Only if you let it.”

“Gotta be smart you guys. Only an asshole would not learn from the past and make the same mistakes over and over.”

“@SarahKSilverman Teachers are the BEST!”

“I do coke with mine! #homeschooled”

“Nice work to both @BarackObama and @mittromney… i’m so relieved that its over. Maybe more than both of you..severe anxiety-God Bless xo L”

“Thank God I had no idea what either of you were talking about or I might have literally died.”

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    Thissiteiswack 10/23/2012 13:53

    I’m going to repeat myself. No more Lindsay articles unless they contain new pictures of her bare jugs. Please and thank you.

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    Tipped 10/23/2012 14:54

    “I do coke with mine! #homeschooled” That’s fucking hilarious!

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    TheMoose 10/23/2012 18:17

    Why is she acting like she gives a fuck. She probably doesn’t even know when election day is.

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    SexyRicardSimmons 10/23/2012 18:46

    She knows when erection day is fo sho’

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    Thissiteiswack 10/24/2012 23:36

    Meanz, That and because all the funny posters got banned.

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