Rihanna and Chris Brown had a date last night

By brendon October 04, 2012 @ 12:51 PM


Photographer Elliot Wilson found himself sitting behind Rihanna and Chris Brown on a date at Jay Zs concert in Brooklyn last night, a few hours after they left her hotel 30 minutes apart. The guy who beats up girls came out first, then the girl came out in a ripped open shirt and lots of makeup on her face. Nothing suspicious about that.

(image source = inf)

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    sirlongfarts 10/04/2012 13:15

    Two people who truly deserve each other.

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    SomeoneluvsU 10/04/2012 13:25

    Even if he punched her senseless in the hotel,
    That’s not as cruel as taking her to a Jay Z concert.

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    Pugiron 10/04/2012 14:28

    Did he hit that?

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    aquanetta jones 10/04/2012 18:13

    He hit that hard, Pug. He can have that dumn cunt.

    I bet he smacks her around again

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    Tylerdurden389 10/04/2012 21:42

    Most guys hit it and quit it. Chris Brown is still working on the 2nd part.

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    pinky285 10/10/2012 16:11

    that dumb cunt deserves another face bashing, keep drinking that kool-aid you stupid bitch

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