as always, nothing is ever Lindsay Lohans fault

By brendon November 30, 2012 @ 4:01 PM

If you’re like me, you’re a god-like 6’5″ with eyes as deep and blue as the ocean. More to the point, lingering health issues have kicked your ass for the past 2 days while Lindsay Lohan was at her Lindsay Lohanist.

After formally being charged with lying to police in Santa Monica about her car crash in June, potentially sued for breach of contract by the producers of ‘Liz and Dick’, and arrested in New York for assaulting yet another girl in a bar (this time over a guy in the boy band The Wanted), Lindsay was bailed out of jail by her assistant (the same one she blamed for the June crash), then promptly had him kicked out of the car. The one that he brought for her (video above).

He’s taking it remarkably well however, and his only statement has been to tweet that he hopes she gets the help she needs. Maybe stop drinking two liters of vodka a day, for example. I haven’t run any tests or anything but I assume that’s bad.

They even ran into each other at her hotel in New York last night, and of course she started a fight and made herself out to be the victim. X17 says…

“Lindsay instigated a fight in the lobby of the Dream Hotel as she was headed to the Electric Room and apparently it was BAD. Someone who works at the hotel says the fight was absolutely ‘epic.’ They were fighting about her drug use and Lindsay was saying she feels abandoned.”

Abandon Lindsay? Oh but why would anyone do that, she seems delightful. Sure she lied to the police about him, but only to frame him for a crime. It’s not like she did it for no reason.

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    helloitsginger 11/30/2012 16:23

    I’m not sure why this has never dawned on me, but she sounds like a classic Axis II, Borderline Personality Disorder. No one can save her from herself. The good this is that they usually burn themselves out. The bad news is they usually burn themselves out.

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    Dayday 12/02/2012 11:54

    I can imagine that it is a very challenging job to have to make 5 obnoxious comments per day. I guess that is why you go AWOL so frequently, and even when you are working, that you can’t get posts up until the late afternoon.
    Your ongoing “health issues” seem eerily similar to Lindsay Lohan’s mishaps. I personally think you are hitting the crack pipe pretty hard. Judging from the average 3 or 4 comments on each post, which used to be hundreds when the site was fully operational, it seems like WWTDD is on it’s last leg. I hope you can resurrect it.
    Instead of covering up what ever train wreck is going on in your life, I suggest you embrace it. How about adding a 60 second video comment each day on the site; don’t worry if it’s not polished. If you can get it together enough to make some snarky remarks about celebrities, great. If it’s just a video of you have a drug induced melt down, or you blowing some guy for drugs, or whatever; put it on the site. We will all be interested to see what’s up.

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