Kirstie Alley says John Travolta isn’t gay

By brendon November 07, 2012 @ 7:00 PM


Despite dozens and dozens of rumors to the contrary, Kirstie Alley swears that fellow Scientologist John Travolta is not gay, and if anyone could see through all the smoke and mirrors and discover the truth about something, it’s a Scientologist.

“Believe me, it took everything I had inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John and be with John for the rest of my life,” Alley tells Barbara Walters on “Good Morning America” in an interview that aired earlier today.
“I know John. With all my heart and soul, he’s not gay,” she says.

Yes of course he’s not. He only jacked off a masseuse because his thetan levels were too high. Nothing a little time with the Wall of Fire can’t fix. I don’t know why people even bother taking medicines when Scientology can fix you for good, naturally.

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    aquanetta jones 11/07/2012 19:03

    Yeah, he’s not gay….he just sucks dick to unwind…and takes it in his pooper because it massages his prostrate….F A G

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    PodcastLover 11/07/2012 19:12

    On a podcast from 10/23/09 Scott Aukerman made a good joke about John loving men and Silverman flipped out after he said it, knowing it was being recorded
    Jump to 1 min.

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    Mando 11/07/2012 19:40

    I can’t even watch a John Travolta movie anymore because he is a smuggler.

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    papillon 11/08/2012 00:00

    And please, do not forget Alley is a scientologist…So, of course, Travolta is not gay….

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    WootWoot 11/08/2012 00:11

    Parts – hair – in – middle. Not gay?

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    theboo77 11/10/2012 07:11

    can never see pulp fiction in the same light ever again…that orange glowing briefcase takes on a whole new meaning lol. damn you, john lol

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