Megan Fox just snapped right back

By brendon November 30, 2012 @ 7:56 PM


Megan Fox looked awesome yesterday at a photocall in Beverly Hills to promote ‘This is 40’, barely two months after giving birth. It’s amazing. Actually have we even seen that kid yet? She looks so good I’m starting to think she was just lying.

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    j4ck4l 11/30/2012 19:58

    The fuck she looks good, she has a majority shareholding in revlon on her face.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 11/30/2012 20:09

    Hey Mother … Do ya wannanother?

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    mecago 11/30/2012 20:33

    Meh. Her arms are fat now. And I’ll bet that gash is all out of whack.

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    sirlongfarts 12/01/2012 03:15

    Really dude? I assume you’re talking about her ass that’s crammed into a girdle – which still isn’t too bad – but her face! Holy shit she’s jammed it full of shit. She right around the corner from a Nicole Kidman.

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    BoxerBlake 12/06/2012 15:34

    Her face looks like a young Joan Rivers. She looks like shit.

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