Miley is lonely, prerhaps gay

By brendon November 12, 2012 @ 10:23 PM


Because every single thought that passes through her head needs to be tweeted, Miley Cyrus went on her twitter yesterday and said simply, “In need of girlfriends.” And then she wrote, “To be my fuck slave.”

No, actually, that last part isn’t true. It would have been awesome though.

(image source of miley voting last week = pacific coast)

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    JBizzle 11/13/2012 00:30

    I can smell the tuna from here…then again that’s always how Miley Cyrus is.

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    mattyj2001 11/13/2012 03:18

    What a handsome young woman.

  3. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 11/13/2012 11:34

    Fuck slave …. or as Miley calls him…
    Billy Ray

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    SaintMidian 11/13/2012 14:40


    2 posts a day and you can’t spell the title correctly?

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    NOTSCUM 11/13/2012 14:49

    She smells more like a tua boat.

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    Bonnie 11/13/2012 15:19

    meh. Who cares? New up, Brend0n..

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    thisistooreal 11/13/2012 17:59

    2 posts a day is a stretch.

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    deldavis 11/14/2012 17:12

    The word gay and 2 posts with picture galleries of guys. First thing you see on WWTD.

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