naturally, Lindsay is skipping her Barbara Walters interview

By brendon November 09, 2012 @ 4:08 PM


To recap: Lindsay Lohan was banned from Chateau Marmont back in August because she owed them $46,000. She claimed the producers of her not-at-all anticipated ‘Liz and Dick’ movie were supposed to pay it, which was a lie, but they did agree to cover the bill if Lindsay would do an interview with Barbara Walters to promote the movie.

The interview was supposed to air next Friday, a week before the movie premiers on November 25th. This was all set up a month ago. All Lindsay has to do now is follow through on her word. Which can only mean one thing….

“She’s not doing the interview,” a source at Lifetime Television told the Daily News, referring follow-up questions to ABC News and Lohan’s new publicist at Rogers & Cowan.
The deal fell apart when producers made it clear Walters planned to ask about Lohan’s tumultuous personal life.

That’s really surprising, because the interesting thing about Lindsay is her basic cable movie, not her 7 year crime spree. That picture of Hitler feeding baby deer represents the kind of interview Lindsay wants. She wants someone to say, “hey Hitler, I hear you like feeding baby deer, that’s really interesting. I have no question.”

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    thevadge 11/12/2012 13:43

    “Making fun of Lindsay at this point is like barfing in a toilet someone else already took a dump in”
    News From Inside the Box

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