Ashton Kutcher checks Mila Kunis’s phone

By brendon December 11, 2012 @ 2:48 PM


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis went to a Thai massage parlor in LA last night, and while waiting for Mila to finish up, Ashton dug through her purse, took out her phone and started scrolling through it. Maybe for some harmless reason, maybe because he’s jealous and was spying on her. One thing for sure is that Mila Kunis looks like hell after massages. What did they do, throw her in the dryer?

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    Shiss 12/11/2012 15:02

    That’s the guy that we all know and love.

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    sflbigdog 12/11/2012 15:04

    Jesus. Was she getting a massage or giving one?

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    Ass Mint 12/11/2012 16:33

    looks like she’s into face rolfing

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    PunkA 12/11/2012 17:19

    Mila looks likeshe got her happy ending

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    SigmaEW 12/11/2012 17:34

    everyone should already know she’s not “that” pretty when not made up and pro photoshopped. She’s bound to have that eastern euro old lady look that doesn’t hold up soon enough. not to say she’s not a cool chick and good massages always leave anyone looking like shit from pressing your face on the table for an hour

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