Bret Easton Ellis is being a jackass on twitter again

By brendon December 06, 2012 @ 1:28 PM


‘The Hurt Locker’ was awesome, and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. To prove my point, here’s Bret Easton Ellis:

- Kathryn Bigelow would be considered a mildly interesting filmmaker if she was a man but since she’s a very hot woman she’s really overrated.
- Kathryn Bigelow: Strange Days, K-19 The Widowmaker, Blue Steel, The Hurt Locker. Are we talking about visionary filmmaking or just OK junk?

If you’re keeping score:
- Kathryn Bigelow is the Academy Award winning director of ‘the Hurt Locker’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, and ‘Point Fucking Break’.
- Bret Easton Ellis is a jackass.
- The New York Film Critics and National Board of Review both named ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ as Best Picture of the Year and Bigelow as Best Director this week.
- Ellis writes soft-core porn starring Lindsay Lohan (which he of course regretted).
- Bigelow is attractive and tall.
- Ellis looks like he’d jack you off at a rest stop.

Choose your side.

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    Xsploit 12/06/2012 13:53

    he is right, the hurt locker was totally over rated and she only won the oscar because she is a woman

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    laychooba 12/06/2012 13:56

    point break. end of story.

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    mulberry 12/06/2012 13:56

    Hurt Locker was a pile of shit

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    Rimbaud 12/06/2012 14:18

    Hurt Locker was overrated and boring. However Point Break is one of the greatest action films ever made. Bigelow took a moronic story, plot, and characters and them, well, not so moronic.

    And Strange Days might be the most underaprecciated sci/fi action film of the last two decades.

    And she made fuckin’ NEAR DARK. Maybe the most original vampire movie ever made. So yeah, she’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. Warner Brothers better give her the keys the Batman franchise and let her do whatever the fuck she wants with it like they did with Nolan.

  5. avatar
    laychooba 12/06/2012 14:22

    AND she’s probably one of the hottest 61 year old on the planet.

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    LoK 12/06/2012 14:43


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    thebuddha 12/06/2012 15:11

    Is it just me or does she look shockingly similar to Kate Middleton in the “Buzzworthy” link pic?

    Oh, and mos def for taking it down. Of course the post-coitus meal would have to be an unbearably tense early-bird at Friendly’s

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    lethargic 12/06/2012 15:13

    Hurt Locker was terrible. It was Lethal Weapon in the Middle East.. Ooh, this soldier is a crazy loner who only plays by his own rules! Wow, look out for this crazy guy! That stupid movie was about as realistic as Predator.

    Comparing the man who wrote American Psycho to the woman who made Point Break is like comparing delicious chocolate cake to getting ass raped.

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    Artpunk 12/06/2012 15:39

    Someone beat me to it but yeah, she made fucking Near Dark. I could leave the exapmles of her film making prowess at that.

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    Tylerwoulddefinitelynotapprove 12/06/2012 16:43

    Hurt Locker fucking sucked. I was just thinking this cunt was getting his groove back a little. Then he posts this shit

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    droach 12/06/2012 19:38

    They’re both equally fucking awesome. Let’s not forget that Ellis wrote AMERICAN PSYCHO, LESS THAN ZERO, RULES OF ATTRACTION, and GLAMORAMA.

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    Pimp 12/06/2012 20:36

    Sorry, but don’t diss Bret Easton Ellis. American Psycho > Hurt Locker any day of the week.

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    gkline 12/07/2012 02:24

    Of course they named ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ as Best Picture of the Year. Anything that has anything to do with Obama is the greatest fucking thing that ever was or ever will be and don’t you fucking forget it.
    In 2016 when he becomes Ruler of the United Nations you will all understnd why it is so important that he have a second term to enact executive orders turning our national powers over to the UN. UN Agenda 21 is just the beginning. It’s all about control and we have it now and you ain’t never gettin’ it back!

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    sgraf_x 12/07/2012 04:45

    Ellis is correct. She is mediocre as compared to all directors. But as a female director she is among the cream of the crop. But nothing she has ever done is excellent.

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    bjohnnyb12 12/07/2012 11:23

    Bret Easton Ellis is one of the best writers of the last 25 years. Amercian Phsyco is an amazing novel. To compare him with a mediocre director, sure, Hurt Locker was good, but Point Break? Entertaining movie, but a directorial masterpiece? No. Shes going back to the well for Zero Dark Thirty, “Hey everyone liked the war movie I made, so lets do another!” Its impossible to compare the two. Ellis is cutting edge and genius, the way he wrote an autobiography thaty was entirely fiction (Lunar Park) and the last 50 pages of Less Then Zero maybe the most disturbing thing I’ve ever read, and its brilliant. We dont even need to talk about Glamorama, its perfect, the way he blends whats really happening with what isnt, its supurb writing. Biegelow made one “decent” movie and one highly entertaing movie, partly because its so bad. Totally uncomparable.

    That said, Ellis is a jackass on twitter. I follow him and for everything interesting he says, there 5-10 cringe worthy comments. I think that he’s just trying to “stir the pot” or “wind people up” but it can be a little over the top.

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    mattyj2001 12/09/2012 07:15

    Strange Days is a masterpiece. Screw all of you.

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    Omega616 12/11/2012 12:24

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    Kanye is an ass 12/12/2012 09:31

    Bret Easton Ellis would be considered a mildly interesting asshat, if he were a man.

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