‘Django Unchained’ says, um, “black person” 109 times

December 13, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

As expected, Quentin Tarantinos ‘Django Unchained’ is getting the same fawning reviews most of his movies get (currently 100 percent on rotten tomatoes), but it’s also getting attention because the hero is a slave just before the Civil War, and they used very colorful language back then. Variety says:

“But here, even as it lays the groundwork for “Django’s” vengeance, dwelling on such brutality can verge on exploitation. To wit, the film problematically features no fewer than 109 instances of the “N word,” most of them deployed either for laughs or alliteration.”

Yeah well what can you do. Some people are racist and they use racist words. Have Chris Brown play a concert at Sturges, the 109 times you heard “nigger” in ‘Django’ will seem almost charming by comparison.

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