is Britney Spears getting dumped or not?

By brendon December 21, 2012 @ 7:44 PM


Britney Spears and Jason Trawick were supposed to get married at the end of this month, but that got postponed for some vague reason, leading everyone to assume they were breaking up. And since there’s nothing going on this week, let’s keep assuming that.

“It’s a make or break holiday for Britney and Jason,” a source close to the Toxic singer told Radar.
“Things have been getting worse and worse with their relationship for several months now, and they know they have to figure things out once and for all because they can’t keep going on like this.”

Trawick was with her last night at ‘the X-Factor’ finale, but that’s probabaly not good, because she look terrified the entire time. So either she’s a complete fucking weirdo, or he has children dangling over a caldron of molten lead. Either way, they should probably break up.

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    hherpes 12/23/2012 12:41

    Double chins, double chins everywhere

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    redneckwordsofwisdom 12/26/2012 15:51

    I keep forgetting this is a part time blog now.

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    Tylerwoulddefinitelynotapprove 12/26/2012 17:50

    He’s just taking a break from not posting to do some not posting

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    Tylerwoulddefinitelynotapprove 12/26/2012 17:54

    Not to mention – I’m sure the Lohans spent their holiday in a quiet and dignified manner, so there goes 98.3% of his material

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