Kate Walsh was in a bikini

By brendon December 12, 2012 @ 12:34 PM


Here’s ‘Private Practice’ star Kate Walsh in Miami yesterday, in a clingy wet bikini with nice tits, big swinging arms and a stooped gait. If I was Bigfoot I would totally jack it to these.

(image source = inf, bauer-griffin, splash, pacific coast)

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    Raymond K. Hessel 12/12/2012 13:47

    …I don’t even have to be Bigfoot…

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    Ole Stinker 12/12/2012 14:53

    To be fair, the sexy walk out of the ocean is one of the silliest myths ever created by Hollywood. Everyone expects Honey Rider, but when you are out of breath, you have salt water up your nose, you’re fighting the current, and you’re hoping that the next wave doesn’t get you, it’s tough to look that sexy.

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