Lindsay can’t pay her rent

December 11, 2012 | Uncategorized | editor | 0 Comments

Remember earlier this year, when Lindsay Lohan rented an astoundingly expensive house in Beverly Hills, even though it was pretty obvious to the entire world that she’d never be able to pay that rent?

Well she can’t pay the rent.

We’re told Lindsay signed the lease on the home back in February … when her career was on the upswing and the money seemed to be rolling in.
But according to our sources, when Lindsay’s finances took a turn for the worse, Lindsay began doing whatever she could to make rent each month, often hitting up friends for money. 

“Ok Lindsay, so you want to borrow 10 grand, and you have no means of paying it back, and you’ll avoid me and lie for the next six months, and when you go to the bathroom in a minute you’ll steal one of my watches and then tell the cops I’m a crazy liar? Well that sounds good, I accept your terms, we have a deal.”

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