Lindsay is selling her old clothes for cash now

By brendon December 07, 2012 @ 6:09 PM


Or more accurately, Ali Lohan is selling Lindsays old clothes for cash now, because the IRS seized Lindsays bank accounts, and she’s too uppity to do it herself.

Radar Online reported Friday that Lindsay Lohan sent sister Ali to Wasteland, a used clothing store in Los Angeles with a collection of designer clothing.
But despite the magnificence of Lindsay’s castoffs, Ali wasn’t able to realize much on the deal.
“Thirty dollars for these? They cost $700!” Ali said.
But the management didn’t budge, and Ali ultimately left the store not much richer than went she went in.

Yeah but keep in mind that Lindsay probably stole most of that stuff anyway, so it’s still free money as far as she’s concerned.


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  1. SomeoneluvsU 12/07/2012 22:32

    Math question of the day……..

    At 20 bucks each,
    How many blow jobs will it take Lindsay to pay off the tax liens?

    (not including freebies to Sam)

  2. hherpes 12/08/2012 08:28


  3. ppcasm 12/08/2012 18:12


    She owes $233,000, so the correct answer would be 11650 blowjobs, sir. Considering how many she’s given in the past, this number isn’t that far fetched to accomplish, but the math starts getting a little more complicated when you take into account that the blowjobs are also taxable income.

  4. Raymond K. Hessel 12/08/2012 19:53

    2/10 – would not do…

  5. Mr_Xero 12/08/2012 21:37

    she is SOO gonna end up doing porn

  6. fabots13 12/09/2012 00:32

    this stupid bitch should be on every dead pool. talk about a fuckin time bomb that’s way over due……

  7. Blaine 12/09/2012 06:09

    Wait till her next birthday when she’s 27. That way she’ll be able to go out with all the other legends that died at 27. At least she got her tits out several times before then.

  8. LoK 12/09/2012 14:57

    Raymond, that’s being a little generous, isn’t it? For nostalgia sake? All the way back to Mean Girls?

  9. tyred 12/09/2012 19:30

    TYLER CAN YOU PLEASE ANSWER THIS OR SOMEONE PLEASE!!! I have asked this already on MANY posts on WWTDD about Loyhan with NO ANSWER.

    I recently read SHE WON A 100MILLION dollar law suit with E-Trade for that commerical. IS THIS NOT TRUE? IS IT GONE? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? howard stern is worth 500 mill. 100 mill is a SH*T LOAD OF MONEY.


  10. Raymond K. Hessel 12/10/2012 09:56

    LoK, remembering what she looked like in Mean Girls is the ONLY reason she got the 2. And Freaky Friday….

  11. rundsaiw 12/10/2012 11:39

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  12. sirlongfarts 12/10/2012 17:36

    Up until now it’s been fun watching her flail around, but I’m not sure someone selling their clothes qualifies them as entertainment anymore.

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