the UK has a peition to make us keep Piers Morgan

By brendon December 27, 2012 @ 6:22 PM


According to CBS News today, over 80,000 people have now signed the petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan back to England since he began calling for stricter gun control laws in the US.

Unfortunately, England has the internet too, and they got wind of this, and now they have a petition to keep him in the US, because “no one in the UK wants him back.” And their petition has a hand drawn brown and white picture of him and it’s nailed to a tree like a wanted poster for Robin Hood, so their probably gonna win this little contest.

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    Tylerwoulddefinitelynotapprove 12/28/2012 16:12

    I wonder if Justin Beiber or Lindsay Lohan own guns. Beibs is a Canuck so probably not. Lilo probably doesn’t either for fear she’d get drunk one night, try to blow it and end up killing herself

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    Hugh G. Rection 12/28/2012 16:57

    “As for the 500 gun deaths in Chicago – this year there were 58 in the UK. Not just England, but the WHOLE UK. That’s 10x the population of Chicago. Where the gun laws are even STRICTER than Chicago. So if you’re going to throw around anecdotal statistics, there’s always going to be a bigger one that trumps it.”

    You dimwitted gun-grabbing turd, here are some facts for you.

    “Myth #3: Gun Control Has Reduced The Crime Rates In Other Countries

    1. Fact: The murder rates in many nations (such as England) were ALREADY LOW BEFORE enacting gun control. Thus, their restrictive laws cannot be credited with lowering their crime rates.1
    2. Fact: Gun control has done nothing to keep crime rates from rising in many of the nations that have imposed severe firearms restrictions.
    * Australia: Readers of the USA Today newspaper discovered in 2002 that, “Since Australia’s 1996 laws banning most guns and making it a crime to use a gun defensively, armed robberies rose by 51%, unarmed robberies by 37%, assaults by 24% and kidnappings by 43%. While murders fell by 3%, manslaughter rose by 16%.”2
    * Canada: After enacting stringent gun control laws in 1991 and 1995, Canada has not made its citizens any safer. “The contrast between the criminal violence rates in the United States and in Canada is dramatic,” says Canadian criminologist Gary Mauser in 2003. “Over the past decade, the rate of violent crime in Canada has increased while in the United States the violent crime rate has plummeted.” 3
    * England: According to the BBC News, handgun crime in the United Kingdom rose by 40% in the two years after it passed its draconian gun ban in 1997.4
    * Japan: One newspaper headline says it all: Police say “Crime rising in Japan, while arrests at record low.”5
    3. Fact: British citizens are now more likely to become a victim of crime than are people in the United States:
    * In 1998, a study conducted jointly by statisticians from the U.S. Department of Justice and the University of Cambridge in England found that most crime is now worse in England than in the United States.
    * “You are more likely to be mugged in England than in the United States,” stated the Reuters news agency in summarizing the study. “The rate of robbery is now 1.4 times higher in England and Wales than in the United States, and the British burglary rate is nearly double America’s.”6 The murder rate in the United States is reportedly higher than in England, but according to the DOJ study, “the difference between the [murder rates in the] two countries has narrowed over the past 16 years.”7
    * The United Nations confirmed these results in 2000 when it reported that the crime rate in England is higher than the crime rates of 16 other industrialized nations, including the United States.8
    4. Fact: British authorities routinely underreport crime statistics. Comparing statistics between different nations can be quite difficult since foreign officials frequently use different standards in compiling crime statistics.
    * The British media has remained quite critical of authorities there for “fiddling” with crime data. Consider some of the headlines in their papers: “Crime figures a sham, say police,”910 and “Police figures under-record offences by 20 percent.”11 “Police are accused of fiddling crime data,”
    * British police have also criticized the system because of the “widespread manipulation” of crime data:
    a. “Officers said that pressure to convince the public that police were winning the fight against crime had resulted in a long list of ruses to ‘massage’ statistics.”12
    b. Sgt. Mike Bennett says officers have become increasingly frustrated with the practice of manipulating statistics. “The crime figures are meaningless,” he said. “Police everywhere know exactly what is going on.”13
    c. According to The Electronic Telegraph, “Officers said the recorded level of crime bore no resemblance to the actual amount of crime being committed.”14
    * Underreporting crime data: “One former Scotland Yard officer told The Telegraph of a series of tricks that rendered crime figures ‘a complete sham.’ A classic example, he said, was where a series of homes in a block flats were burgled and were regularly recorded as one crime. Another involved pickpocketing, which was not recorded as a crime unless the victim had actually seen the item being stolen.”15
    * Underreporting murder data: British crime reporting tactics keep murder rates artificially low. “Suppose that three men kill a woman during an argument outside a bar. They are arrested for murder, but because of problems with identification (the main witness is dead), charges are eventually dropped. In American crime statistics, the event counts as a three-person homicide, but in British statistics it counts as nothing at all. ‘With such differences in reporting criteria, comparisons of U.S. homicide rates with British homicide rates is a sham,’ [a 2000 report from the Inspectorate of Constabulary] concludes.”16

    more here:

    And here’s how your Merrie Olde England is doing today: it’s the most violent country in Europe, worse even than the US or South Africa! Douchebag.

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    j4ck4l 12/28/2012 20:25

    The second amendment isn’t about individuals protecting themselves from others. Why that point has been ignored in the larger national discussion is indicative of the real motive behind these bans. Furthermore, I think it is because of that omission they are on track to succeed. Its a pity really.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 12/29/2012 00:49

    Look underoos, you aren’t explaining anything to me. Anyone here can look at my original post, then your response to it. Clearly you are a retard and unable to understand facts.

    As for people embarrassing themselves, again I reiterate that coming from the inbred moron who doesn’t understand the 1st Amendment, I find that comment rather amusing. The people signing the petition don’t expect the government to honor it, they are trying to show CNN that their prime time “star” is considered a dipshit by most people (which is proved by the ratings he enjoys).

    So signing the petition doesn’t embarrass anyone….well, except Libtards who are too stupid to understand the point.

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    joeflambe 12/29/2012 13:33

    Maybe we should DEPORT The Mildly Tanned Knight since he clearly doesn’t know the Laws of the Land.

    He’s not a troll, he’s a FUCKING FURRINER.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 12/30/2012 01:22

    Okay Joe, let me know which law I don’t know.

    Libtards are so predictable.

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    Spank859 01/03/2013 03:13

    @underball if u havent by now figured it out from the other post directed to you. You sir are a douche.

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