Jennifer Lawrence’s dress did not rip at the SAG Awards

January 29, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Despite what many people wanted to believe, Jennifer Lawrence’s dress did not rip and almost fall down last night at the SAG Awards as she went on stage to accept the award for Best Female Actor In A Film. At least not according to the asexual buzzkills at E!

First of all, this is a Christian Dior gown we’re talking about here; those things don’t just rip (wwtdd editors note: “I heard that girlfriend!”) so here’s what was going on.
The original gown showed clear distinctions that were connected by sheer lining. Lawrence’s dress had the lining hidden, so people couldn’t really tell that it was a tiered gown.
Once she was approaching the stage to get her award, the combination of her pulling up on the top part of the dress and possibly having the train stuck on a heel (or something) revealed the sheer lining in between.

So now that this dumb little theory has been put to rest, we can focus on more important things. Like how to get Jennifer Lawrences dresses to rip in half and fall down for real.

(image source = getty)

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