Kim Kardashian is working out to not gain weight while pregnant.

January 18, 2013 | Uncategorized | editor | 0 Comments

Kim Kardashian has been eating for two lately, which is a statement that could have been made at any point during the past 5 years. But now she’s actually pregnant, and eating even more than usual, then working out really hard so she doesn’t gain weight because she clearly has no idea how pregnancy works. Hollywood Life says…

“She is just craving so many sweets now, like pies and ice cream. She is working out a lot because she doesn’t want to turn into a pregnant blimp!”

You can really tell that the source for this is another Kardashian because they’re the only ones dumb enough to name something really light (a blimp) as an example of something really heavy. “She’s getting big as a mouse, I tell ya!”

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