screw you Chris Hemsworth

By brendon January 21, 2013 @ 12:41 PM


I used to like Australia because of their very long list of physically perfect women, but lately, after seeing Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth, I’m starting to think that their guys are the same way. Which totally fucks up my ‘John Carter’ type fantasy where my ordinariness in America is seen as magical and amazing down there and then later on I become king. But it was all a lie! They knew about Wolverine and Thor the whole time! You can go fuck yourself Australia!

(image source of hemsworth and his wife elsa pataky yesterday in costa rica =inf)

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    Admiral 01/21/2013 16:58

    This is what happens when you’re rich and contractually obligated to work out 6 to 8 hours a day.

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    LoK 01/21/2013 17:33

    yeah and nothing else to do but “read”

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    AlronDelzeen 01/21/2013 18:28

    His face is larger than his shoulder at least.

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    NobodysBusiness 01/21/2013 19:56

    That photog better run because Thor looks fuckin’ pissed!

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    steamboat 01/22/2013 03:02

    Don’t worry, your American accent is your pussy pullng magical power down here.

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    RangerLG 01/22/2013 14:50

    It shows the direction this site is going as this is now a Crowd Favorite while side boob Britney, Brooke Burke, and patriotits Katy Perry are not.

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    gere0123 03/04/2013 00:50

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