Brandi Glanville Has A Book? It Will Be A Movie?

By Steve G. February 28, 2013 @ 12:27 PM

Omg just had a talk about turning my book in2 a movie! Maybe we should pitch it to Lifetime ;) An unromantic comedy! #pinchme,”

I have no clue who Brandi Glanville is. I guess her claim to fame was getting dumped by Eddie Cibrian (who I also have no ides who the fuck he is) and then pretending to be bummed about it as she gained national attention and new tits and a new career. Doing what? I don’t know, but she says she wrote a book and now someone wants to turn it into a movie. However, I did just describe every noteworthy part of her life in one sentence. So either someone’s lying or every studio in Hollywood just said fuck it then got together and picked a name out of a hat.

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    Beppo 02/28/2013 12:35

    I believe the word is. . . Fist!

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    jerrymitchell 02/28/2013 12:39

    Really earth shattering news, Steve. I like the part where you act like you don’t know who she is, but still write about her ex-husband, the book and her movie.

    The trick to pretending you don’t know who someone is, is show their labia, tits, or at least in a bikini, and then point out said labia, tits or wearing of bikini.

    At least it seems like it’s pretty easy to get a job here at buzzmedia

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    Tipped 02/28/2013 12:42

    Just because you know how to type the word fuck, does not make you funny. You talentless fuck.

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    Tipped 02/28/2013 12:54

    also want to add, I have been checking in now and then just to see how bad will get here. But I’m officially done here. I refuse to give buzz any more of my page views.

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    tomatojoe 02/28/2013 12:58

    I don’t even care enough to google this bitch’s name.

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    Butt Plug 02/28/2013 13:05

    Who wants to see me press my meat-torpedo up against the window?

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    Beppo 02/28/2013 13:16

    With all my heart . . .

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    raine_31 02/28/2013 15:43

    Stealing a Howard Stern interview and making it seem like your original thought.

    k thx bye ff

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    gkline 02/28/2013 16:32

    “I have no clue”…”I don’t know”. There, I took out all the stupid shit and left what you should have written.

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