Erin Heatherton Doesn’t Belong In Mexico City

By Travis February 28, 2013 @ 5:02 PM

Erin Heatherton is a gorgeous, blonde, wealthy 23-year old American supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and the home of an ongoing drug war that has cartel soldiers leaving severed heads in the streets and attacking and raping tourists in major resorts at will. Therefore, it is not a very good idea for Erin to be hanging out in Mexico City.

But duty calls for smoking hot supermodels, and if they’re not spreading wide for Leonardo DiCaprio, then they need to be hitting the runway. And that’s why Erin was down in Mexico City yesterday for the Liverpool Fashion Fest, where she blew kisses to the crowd and hopefully left a cloud of smoke shaped like her perky tits and ass as she hauled it to the airport before the cartel gangs showed up for “recruitment”.

(Photo Credits: Splash)

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    tomatojoe 02/28/2013 17:15

    No more poster names…

  2. avatar
    Lick-it 02/28/2013 17:21

    Poster names…??

  3. avatar
    Beppo 02/28/2013 17:27

    Anonymity is the prostitute’s greatest asset.

    That and a strong control over their gag reflex

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    tomatojoe 02/28/2013 17:28

    I can’t tell if that inept twit Bill wrote this or not. No run-on sentences, so I’m guessing not.

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    gkline 02/28/2013 17:31

    Post more tits!

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    Butt Plug 02/28/2013 17:32

    I’d like to fill her mouth full of piss.

    See what I did there?

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    Doo Doo Fresh 02/28/2013 17:32

    Regarding no writer’s credit: as i mentioned before, if you took a shit on your boss’s desk, would you leave your business card on top of it or do it anonymously?

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    Lick-it 02/28/2013 17:35

    Well said, men (Tomatojoe and Doo Doo Fresh)……

    …I hadn’t noticed…..

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    Butt Plug 02/28/2013 17:45


    What do you say that after all this blows over, you, me and Beppo get an apartment together?

  10. avatar
    Lick-it 02/28/2013 17:46

    Butt Plug……..

    ……..Sounds lovely…….where should we look….the Meatpacking District..???

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    Squabbler 02/28/2013 17:49

    So your cover photo shows her in a bikini, and you mention her perky tits in your post, but then you post nothing but shots of her wearing a couple of dresses she could wear to church?

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    doze 02/28/2013 18:03

    Cut out the first paragraph and it could have been funny, who the hell wants to read about drug problems in Mexico; whoever is writing this crap, bring the funny and forget all of the social commentary. Are you all paid by the word? Would explain a lot over the last week.

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    barondavis 02/28/2013 18:40


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    PunkA 02/28/2013 18:44

    If you have to use “Therefore” In a blog post to let us know the punchline, you suck. Never use Therefore in a blog. This isn’t a 12th grade English paper you jack yewt.

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    lumptydumpty 02/28/2013 23:47

    Seriously? You write a fuckin’ essay and then post 8 photos of some model I’ve never heard of, of which only one she is wearing anything less than a burka. This sucks!

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