Is Manti Te’o the Slowest Undersized Gay Football Player Ever?

By Bill February 27, 2013 @ 5:11 PM

Nope. Still a close second.

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    tomatojoe 02/27/2013 17:20

    You see, for that analogy to work you need to post a picture of an actual football player that is slow and gay. Not Tom Cruise.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 02/27/2013 17:21

    Tomatojoe = gets it

    Bill = not so much

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    EndThisAlready 02/27/2013 17:36

    Stop trying to make sense. There is no room for logic here. Just lazy shit writing.

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    Butt Plug 02/27/2013 17:45

    He did cut his word count down . . . so that’s something

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    con 02/27/2013 17:47

    Just when i thought it couldn’t get any worse this happens. This isn’t with leather and posting two stupid ass pictures with a shitty quip is not writing.

    How many of you morons are writing for this site now? How are you all so terrible?

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    EndThisAlready 02/27/2013 17:50

    Actually the originally wording was “aaah duhhhh, ahyuck” so he expanded by using irrelevant pictures.

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    Butt Plug 02/27/2013 17:53

    I just made a tinkle . . .

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    thejyav 02/27/2013 18:10

    Bill: 2 month old reference mixed with 5 year old reference….insert pictures….and post! “my god I’m good at this”

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    Shank Peters 02/27/2013 19:11

    There are gifs out there of Amy Adams jacking off Phillip Seymour Hoffman…. Those jokes write themselves…. So you chose this? Nice call…

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/27/2013 19:23

    This was Bill’s best post so far, for whatever that’s worth.

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    Hill Billy Boy 02/27/2013 22:27

    Maybe I’m just a dumb redneck, but I got a chuckle out of this one.

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    woody 02/27/2013 22:35



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    Nostradamus 02/27/2013 23:32

    Bill if you want to write boring shit, become a professor. I want to be entertained, not read a novel, or just look at similar pictures.

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    Al Bundy 02/28/2013 02:16

    This one wasn’t bad. I kinda liked it a little bit.

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    Just Plain Truth 02/28/2013 03:39

    If I wanted to read about hoaxes, I’d go to snopes.

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    whatswritten 02/28/2013 12:32

    Holy shit has this site gotten bad.

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