Justin Bieber Is Still A Badass

By Steve G. February 27, 2013 @ 3:06 PM

Justin Bieber may come off like a pussy little douche because he wears jean jackets and looks like Maggie Grace’ lesbian sister, but there is not a chance in hell you or I would survive a street fight with the Biebs and now we have our proof why. He was out looking extra bad ass on the streets of London the other night with his freshest of inks- an X- his twelfth, which is situated next his intimidating black and gray tattoo of the old Tootsie Pop owl. It’s a known fact that no man or woman with twelve or more tattoos has ever been defeated. The X is apparently meant to symbolize his Christian faith, which is kind of ironic because Christians hate the “fancy boys”.


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    MacDaddy 02/27/2013 14:37

    He and Lohan and Rihanna should all commit ritual suicide

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/27/2013 14:40


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    Doo Doo Fresh 02/27/2013 16:11

    Whore. A. Bull.

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    Pottz 02/27/2013 16:13

    Seriously? Justin Phucking Beiber??



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    Butt Plug 02/27/2013 16:16


    Come back! I need my tires rotated this weekend, you looser!!!

    Oh . . . . and . . . Wait for it.
    . . . poop

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    EndThisAlready 02/27/2013 16:22

    Another wonderful display of Steve’s grade-school dropout of an education in writing here. Nice omission of words that actually complete the sentence and bravo on shrugging off the obviously unneeded s after the apostrophe. You really are an exemplary display of worthlessness Steve.

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    Butt Plug 02/27/2013 16:24

    New up

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    fiddlebom 02/27/2013 17:22

    That picture is mildly amusing, your text not-so-much…

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    goodpill 02/27/2013 17:24

    i like the new steve. he is way better than the shitty old steve

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    Lick-it 02/27/2013 18:43

    Pottz…..don’t leave us…..

    …Butt Plug needs you…..

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    Tipped 02/27/2013 19:48

    Brendan’s twitter account https://twitter.com/bearsaremean

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    Al Bundy 02/28/2013 02:29

    This was awful.

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