Kate Upton Doesn’t Need No Airbrushing

February 27, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

I’m not sure when somebody somewhere decided that the occasional airbrush shave of the waistline on a sexy celebrity should turn into a full-on Photoshopping of their entire face and body to create a glossy printed female mannequin. I guess it’s just the natural course of technology and its endless march to destroy all that is natural and holy (and thank god for 98% of that).

What magazines likes Sports Illustrated do to the chicks on their pages now makes you wonder how far off we are from simply virtual models appearing in print. Such a waste too when you have a woman designed by god to turn on every single man on this planet and ensure the continuation of the species. Kate UptonĀ doesn’t need no airbrushing.

Check her out on Fallon last night…

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